Corona Days, Part 5 – live from the living room – The Chancellor Repends.

This new song was written with the radical events after the state election in Thüringen/Germany in mind.

It was quite shocking to see how easily our system was destabilised by one single trick of the new Nazis named AfD.

“What if…” is the motive of this song. What if the chancellor wakes up after the next German election, has lost the majority, facing the fact that the new Nazis are the strongest party of the opposition?

Fighting Corona we should not forget that these forces are still working in the background, waiting to take the next chance.

Stay at home, stay healthy!

Corona Days, Part 4 – live from the living room – To Be Or Not To Be, a song about how Corona is affecting our lives.

Photography by Carlos Federico Wittenstein/Allmost Studio Berlin

“To be or not to be” is a good example of how a song can change during the writing and producing process . At the beginning, I had only the melody and the text for the refrain. The song should be about how it is to live and survive in Berlin.

I wanted it to be a cheesy pop song, so that the music is opposite to the lyrics.

For the verse, I hadn’t a good idea for days – if I not wanted to repeat what was already said and written so many times before.

That was before Corona…

After two weeks of quarantine it was obvious what to write about.

I added some street sounds to reflect the life from last years spring, something that has already disappeared. I couldn’t resist to produce the song with a slight Brazilian touch – the only country, in which the government seemed to ignore the pandemic completely at that time.

“shops: closed, parks: closed, bars: closed, cinemas: closed,

schools: closed, museums: closed, galleries: closed, churches: closed.

– but we’re not closed!”

Have fun! Stay at home! Stay healthy!

Corona Days, Part 2 – live from the living room – Posh Teckel Bar.

Berlin, Friday Night, Posh Teckel Bar…that’s how it’s been for many years.

It’s hard not to meet friends, have a (or three) Gin Tonic, to dance.

Let us all hope, that we can meet there again very soon.

Stay at home, stay healthy!

We can meet
We can greet
We can have a beer
Or two
Or ten
Listening to the music of Morrissey
And then…
Ella and Bonnie
Coming around
Bringing us love
Making us laugh

Whenever I’ve won or lost a battle
I go to my favourite bar
Posh Teckel

Corona Days – live from the living room – Spring is coming.

What strange days we live in. We all have to stay at home, can’t go out to meet our friends or to a concert. So, here is a song to enlighten your mood a bit. One thing is for certain – there will be a spring even after this “winter” caused by Corona. Stay at home, stay healthy!

Please excuse the bad sound quality, this turned out to be more like an a Capella version.