Outfit for tomorrow night.


Link to YouTube: https://youtu.be/jchTTyVVkWk

New single out on Monday, September 19th on iTunes, Amazon, YT Music and many other platforms.

„This song is inspired by a young guy I’m following on Instagram, who, at a time, was posting pics and videos three times a day. He always had different looks, haircuts and makeup and made a strong androgynous impression.
But, only a few days later he was writing about depression and that has he has to leave Berlin for a while. To me, this a typical sign of these times, where young people are under an immense pressure to look perfect, to be someone special – often to be someone else.
Being a Fashionista myself, I wish him that his dreams come true and that he is satisfied with himself.“

My dad still has an invitation to my first concert in my former hometown Mönchengladbach, 21 years ago…At that time, not everyone had Photoshop, so the X on the photo was real – a piece of silver card attached with carped tape. It drops off every two minutes, haha. The Cape of course was a sheet 🤣.